Learning how to maintain the things that are made to withstand the wraths of mother nature .Only able to deal with people in the direct path that you walk.Some you may know ,some you may not,but for what it’s worth,in life the heart never stops pounding,pushing the fluid of life to your decision maker,peace keeper,regulator,and somewhere along that path,enters a most important part of sustaining your existence , without it you and any Human like,would surely parish?

HUMmm….. hmmmm…..oum .#++$+-_

Knowing what I know?,you probably do.Knowing how I feel? mabey? Knowing what I do?yeah.Knowing where I go? .you could.To know

What it took to get?,what was needed to do ?what has to be done?To complete a project that is needed ,but nobody, that should ?Help, does not.

The two rivers of life ,and they are? Com on human…Think a little longer now that you have aloud your self to be a bit more upstanding with what it’s all about with you personally.. Breath In

Whewwww…..Breath Out

Wshoooouu…Two rivers of life. Human readers I know ,and have been ,and seen,a direction,that is of not any normal paths,well myself I should get a check cause my whole time here has been nothing ordinary and the way things went my conventional thinking process had been elevated then put in ice until time came to unthaw and melting every bit of being a “Hunter Gatherer” “River Protector” wanting to share,needing to share what I have learned and it won’t cost you anything I will not charge you for what I know . So does that make us humans to feel B less and offer more.everyday of our lives to people ho you know truly don’t care? ” thanks Human readers..chejxhekwefederer by Bryan Lee Brown