Our Mission “Fake left fake right then go right up the middle” works every time QUOTE BY : Phil Harmon ,University of Southern California Football Team famous coach Thank you for valuable skills I’ve used to become the person I am today.Of course there was others but when it comes to this ,it’s got to be him. There was a baseball p layer ,/coach/teacher of history/ my neighbor who was on the corner where I lived in junior high in a codisac ,so I had to pass his house to and fro and believe you me he was like a guard ,back then but later of course he was only looking out for my best interests as a kid knowing my home life was not up to par you Human Readers have been there I’m sure yes? Hmmmm……hmmmm…. When coming to a point of figuring out why you are the person you have become ,good or bad,or indifferent. Do you remember .that’s it for now readers .



My thought as I think to the value of time.How much can be fit in ones own time.Well,Human readers seems as if no body has time to get it right penalized for being late can make you homeless,or food less ,or really any numbers of things can happen to you in a negative impact , So I’m wondering why if I’m late it rarely if ever turns out positive .In my 56 years living life on the planet we call earth.Time is a man made device to make some other being accountable for what they do,where they go,who they are,why are you late.haaaha…. hmmmm….The past few weeks my arrivals to displaced Campfire victims,there animals,but one neat thing I came across is you are never punished for being late in helping somebody B in need, I n fact those in B need are just so happy your there for what it might be.my pastor in which I’ve just met has made a difference in my time value for living and very thankful for that.This week was was a tremendous stride for Marysville homeless unions.Raelynn and I were praised by the church for what we have been doing in our community 2 times B last Sunday and this Sunday.we were later both times.Can you be late for church? Then day before yesterday we were scheduled to SPEAK at the state capitol in Sacramento California,Yes we were late went to north side nobody but the guy rolling up B the cords. We asked if anyone was here he said” yea they changed VB the program and about 200 people assessed I NOT the Capitol ” we went into the cap and asked if the press conference was over They said not sure we then went to room 444 4th floor open the door there was 400 eyes looking at the late people who came in .Wow have you ever been late to a door the has 400 eye balls on you,anyway looking up on the stage were B the panel of experts and yea B 2 empty chairs one for me and Rae I didn’t go up so we just sat . Then lastbut not least by far we hear”Raelynn butcher the Homeless mayor OF B Marysville.whew… The speech she gave had every body caring and crying tissues passed around it was like that the the main speaker pamela Anderson said there was such a need to pray at this very moment for the extraordinary work Rae and I have been doing for the homeless can I pray for them she asked the crowd of course so they prayed for us in the press conference at the Capitol.Aint that something.Every where we went people were moved by the presence of us and our plight for what we are doing.So ones got to wonder if to be late can turn out like that then why not be late every where you go right? Telling me his time is the right time.no one can know better no one has a right to be p penalized for being late mabey people should be praised for being human not being on time as they have in today’s world made such an extremely man made device of accountability and unless your robot we are all Humans that are made to be held accountable for times value A thing is B nothing if it only has penalty of negativity Those who make up the real world and are late all the time then you Human readers that is where you will find the true lives offerings and praises for which you deserve for just being B who you are in your time Good luck B stay up Human readers there’s so much more than I can see or wright The “Human”Info┬«

December 5,2018
By Bryan Lee Brown®