“Formal, Regular,N normal,and Others”

And others to price to leadership per hour would be about $200 an hour from October 18th to 31st 2016 now April 20th 2019 two and a half years given if a normal regular nine-to-five 40 Hour Week hundred sixty hours a month 19 20 hours a year let’s a 2000 hours a year at $200 an hour $1,600 a day at 8 hours a day 40 hours a week 5 days a week $8,000 a week for 52 weeks in a year $416,000 a year * 2 and 1/2 years equals 1 million $40,000 if an economical loss I feel that I have lost by the destruction of my books that created the economically disadvantaged the greater the need for the leaders the more monetary value is placed on the words of their influential outcomes on man we pay great sums of money for leaders chosen who have not became leaders however the years to become have met the needs of the residents communities and the people are brought have been financially stable due to their leadership qualities and experience today my leadership has began to emerge in another part of the country leaders are groundbreakers and risk-takers that’s what I am sometimes things work out sometimes they don’t but whatever it maybe I am still a true leader that has started back in the road into which was destroyed in 2016

Facts committees y s h c COC member active went to the state capitol approximately 12 times with the organization such as a Poor People’s Campaign which I am a member also active feeding economical prospects for the poor people low very low income people and those people that are at a disadvantage Marysville homeless Union was created out of necessity for poor people who are and have been continually a targeted population of people who mostly in part don’t and never deserve the terrible infliction of human punishment all directed by other human beings to do this to the Lesser population in the cities in the counties and States Across America when asked how much should a leader receive per hour one lady says 120000 a year what I’m going to do is take a survey of people how much does a leader get for our hit today’s world that they may ask what kind of leader well there truly is only one kind of beater that exists that you leader in terms of needing the future or the way in which we live based on how all leaders presents their beliefs would be like Founders inventors men a great minds however there are chosen leaders and above all those leaders who emerged from within the society in which one lives Stand Out Among the Rest by those around him and feel the need and security and direction in which one man gives them unconditionally unconditional leader is not a chosen person it is that experience and the trueness of the individual of whom many believe is a make all things better individually and as a whole unit in their lives today leaders emerge from catastrophic events terrible circumstances dangerous situations economical failure Etc for example priest is a leader if not unconditional leader a chosen Leader by way of policy and procedure which in their Community seen as a savior friend a person who is making people happy making lives better more and more betterment of man a simple characteristic from a chosen leader of faith and belief in Hope one cannot tell me as an unconditional leader I am not worth what I say I’m worth in monetary value if I am 2 directly find a sum information is priceless the amount of price one receives from comprehending and asserting to the needed populations of skills in the understanding to be a functioning part of today’s society’s deciding which was Guided by an unconditional leader not chosen leaders how does one put a monetary price on something that we all know and believe to be Priceless if you do not put a price on something that has no price who can say that’s too much compared to what always a garbage collector or whatever set pay for unconditional leaders were there economical disadvantage from a catastrophic event and no guidance scale to go by so the belief of what my economical Prospect will be what my self-worth is to the human race if nobody can figure what they’re worth then somebody else cannot put a price on it so my decision of monetary loss should not be said that’s too much by anyone how can one not know what it’s worth but tell you that’s too much or tell you that’s not enough how many times does a person have in their lives to decide how much their Worth to human race where there is no standard or scale calculating oneself Worth or economical Prospect then and only then can you open the path for whatever you want thank you readers they give you a human reader by Bryan Lee BrownThe”Human” Info®



Ambassador is the title we will be holding to represent the State of CALIFORNIA for our home town and all the poor people,poverty people and homeless population .Raelynn and I went last year and it was an experience I’ll never forget.my first plane trip ever and I wouldn’t have it any other way .To be the Voice of the people. We will be staying at the Trinity dorm again so cool great breakfastest ride the sub way to monument park were it all will take place there will be organizations,agencys ,self inpowered people and groups all coming together to make demands and to let Congress know we are not happy with the system in place that somewhere the gap between the poverty people and the right has gotten bigger we are poorer and the rich are richer.I can be veteran now and this time I will carry cards of the Marysville Homeless Union and pencil and paper I want everybody’s hookup this time. 1monthe it’s not very long to wait but I am really excited to be chosen by the work we have been doing and recognized by those who are impacted by the positive push for the people to unite and let it be known Enough is Enough we won’t be silent anymore so show support for all of us and reach out to see what you can do to help our plight .that’s it for now Human readers see you next with preparation of the trip by BryanLee Brown The Human Info®

Economical Prospect:Economcal Disadvantage:by Bryan Lee Brown The”Human” Info®

What exactly is meant buy this statement I believe that it’s something about writing your own paycheck when you get to economically disadvantaged in your case to present that to a court I think it’s something like writing your check and nobody could tell you you’re not an economical Prospect anybody could be an economical Prospect we were born like that I believe that also I believe that everything you do every thing you have did every way you look at things I believe if we weren’t here as human beings and we were not born into this world we would never have any. In the prospect in future a lot of people will look at the word Prospect as dealing with gold like prospector gold prospector well we have to determine what exactly the definition of economical Prospect is in my case civil case in California to judge is wanting me to write an economical Prospect of what I would have been where I would have been how I would have did it where where take me to win before the year or after the year 20 16 when the County the city together destroyed my area has been there for 10 years where to get it was illegal to take me to court for 2 months and they want me to give him an economical Prospect as me which is easy I was going to be a golfer I want to get golfer I had a book Library 3500 book I read a research died I did a lot of things I had guards I work with people I work as can sort of their work with formulas campaign we did a lot and it did manage that is not being able to continue that because they took him destroyed all my property is a major disadvantage for a couple of years still is not 100% thanks readers

“When you get Deposed .”Do you answer ,the Question.”

Hello you Human Readers been so busy things are just running together can’t seem to catch up but this week I would like to talk about Depot’s we had a deposition last week with Brant Bordsen who stated he had uninterrupted employment for past 10 years as city attorney for Marysville CA,Live Oak Ca,and Gridley Ca.Now if you know B me Human readers I can school oneself and research like no other,and I came across the same articles in 5 newspapers of an incident dating back 2015 when the firm I. Which Bordsen represented fired him from being rep B for the three cites I mentioned,because of an issue.so either the five newspapers are living or Bordsen anyway when all said and done you should always tell the truth at a deposition because that’s the law even though the judge is not there you have to act as though the judge is there and that keeps everybody straight decides what good is it to lie especially if you’re going to court in a federal or state court you just shouldn’t because you’ll get caught up have people like me if they’re on the other side B where does the research experts will say that you will find the answer to whatever it is you are looking for as long As You Are truthful honest and believe in the American way easier to remember the truth than it is to remember the lies the report by Bryan Lee Brown The Human Info®


Learning how to maintain the things that are made to withstand the wraths of mother nature .Only able to deal with people in the direct path that you walk.Some you may know ,some you may not,but for what it’s worth,in life the heart never stops pounding,pushing the fluid of life to your decision maker,peace keeper,regulator,and somewhere along that path,enters a most important part of sustaining your existence , without it you and any Human like,would surely parish?

HUMmm….. hmmmm…..oum .#++$+-_

Knowing what I know?,you probably do.Knowing how I feel? mabey? Knowing what I do?yeah.Knowing where I go? .you could.To know

What it took to get?,what was needed to do ?what has to be done?To complete a project that is needed ,but nobody, that should ?Help, does not.

The two rivers of life ,and they are? Com on human…Think a little longer now that you have aloud your self to be a bit more upstanding with what it’s all about with you personally.. Breath In

Whewwww…..Breath Out

Wshoooouu…Two rivers of life. Human readers I know ,and have been ,and seen,a direction,that is of not any normal paths,well myself I should get a check cause my whole time here has been nothing ordinary and the way things went my conventional thinking process had been elevated then put in ice until time came to unthaw and melting every bit of being a “Hunter Gatherer” “River Protector” wanting to share,needing to share what I have learned and it won’t cost you anything I will not charge you for what I know . So does that make us humans to feel B less and offer more.everyday of our lives to people ho you know truly don’t care? ” thanks Human readers..chejxhekwefederer by Bryan Lee Brown


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